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Need Hypnosis in Portland OR?

~ or surrounding Oregon or Washington area?

NWHI_Bruce-Terrill-only_2014-06-09Bruce Terrill CHt, CI is raved about for Hypnosis in Portland Oregon both as a Hypnotherapist and as a Hypnosis Instructor.

Whatever challenge you are dealing with Bruce can help. See what all the buzz is about. Checkout Bruce’s hypnotherapy instructor testimonials and his private hypnosis practice testimonials then call Bruce today.

Call Bruce direct at (503) 267-1675 and he will provide you a Free Hypnosis Consultation.

So who is Bruce Terrill CHt, CI?  He is the founder of the NW Hypnosis Institute, teaches the courses and still finds time to personally handle meeting with clients and matching clients with the right hypnotherapy professional.  The truth is Bruce cares very deeply about people and helping them effectively achieve lasting change in their lives.  Bruce knows that each person is unique and the rapport between a hypnotherapist and a client is the #1 most important element.  Because without rapport, change can be extremely difficult.  So getting matched up with the right hypnosis professional is KEY!

a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.

The NW Hypnosis Institute teaches that the very first step in helping someone is establishing a good rapport.  And just as some people get along best with a certain type of person, it’s important to find the right hypnotherapy pro for you.

Bruce’s ability to ‘read people’ is uncanny.  And this is extremely important when it comes to matching you with the right hypnotherapist.  Sure you could just start booking sessions with the various hypnotists out there and maybe you’d get lucky and find a good fit the first time out and maybe not.  Bruce knows how effective hypnosis can be and it’s his passion to help you improve your life in the quickest, most cost effective way possible.  Getting you matched to the right hypnotherapist right away saves you time and money.

Give Bruce a call at (503) 267-1675 TODAY and meet with the Right Hypnosis Pro for You, the first time!

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