VIDEO: Hear What our Pro Hypnosis Training Students are Saying about us.

Google’s Transcript from the video:

Note: this is actually really funny… notice all the laughable errors in the transcript from Google.

0:09 Helen heaving is this and this is my
0:13 my first a and media exposure to it really really like it I knew it was
0:17 something I wanted to do years ago
0:19 miss hanson quality about him there
0:22 very see and you don’t know you’re learning
0:26 recommend class wholeheartedly because and I apologized
0:30 passed last time here and thereby I for
0:34 I’m an educator so I learn
0:37 teach in certain style and so the jurors
0:41 you know four sessions fearless their difficult for me
0:45 because and instructor in my after and
0:48 crews is into experience the
0:52 to experience not just lamb and so that was really
0:56 different for me that find me clay
0:59 inside head Leslie just a I really believe in the polity
1:04 his I have an expectation and
1:08 it wasn’t the man but I can’t come in with an open mind
1:11 and realize that I was experiencing rather than
1:15 ha purse and was
1:18 wasn’t that’s what do you like about class
1:22 everyone’s gonna say brooms yeah anyway
1:27 you get have involved with your
1:29 me well I actually started looking into five years ago
1:35 few minutes ago I we just do a google search
1:40 important just moved back to the area here
1:43 and typed in hypnosis
1:46 company subtly he said
1:50 couldn’t talk to me so I came down here
1:54 in it me two hours with she’s felt like 15 minutes
1:58 talkin left I knew that
2:02 this is for need it be and this is where I had been searching for
2:06 like six years way you enjoy most about me
2:11 classic I’m me in this environment there’s so much that I enjoy
2:16 I’m just learning so much about myself
2:19 I’m experienc atonement
2:23 class
2:26 I’m disciplinarian but what’s your texting
2:29 like that priest relationship with him
2:32 bruce’s one he is so knowledgeable
2:36 here everything I mean everything
2:40 any she you making the end with a list of questions
2:44 basement conference in these things him to smile understand this
2:47 and he was so open to squee
2:51 p.m. will with you guys you know and site I was able to express these
2:55 questions and give printer
2:57 deeper understanding
2:59 would home in not just me but I heard
3:02 complexion class to people
3:06 so he’s very kind
3:12 somebody’s watching this right now contemplating
3:15 the would like to be something like this i’m saying
3:18 Jim T duly I will
3:22 six years to get this but the timing wasn’t right
3:25 hopefully time don’t we gym
3:31 anyway enjoy most about the class right now I know there’s a lot of things but
3:36 there are many things that one of the best things is the comradeship
3:40 and everybody here is a healer
3:43 some sort caregiver and
3:46 it’s just a real exciting place to be
3:49 among all these spirits energy so loving and
3:53 State past paper and it’s interesting watching
3:58 all the experiences every its is it goes with Bruce teaching and what he allows
4:04 in his class
4:05 and being very relaxing going with that we’re learning a lot
4:08 but also each individual is
4:11 their lives are changing so much in the experience at
4:16 so its just incredible that way more than what
4:19 I originally thought I thought well I’ve this would help
4:23 help people olin touch here there it’s just
4:27 incredible

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