Hypnosis School: Weekend #1 Review

February 28th

After years as an investigative journalist, where half the story is reading people and getting the best out of them, becoming a certified hypnotherapist might not be too much of a stretch. Well, after weekend one at The Portland Hypnosis Center, I’m here to report that so far it looks like it’s my perception that’s doing the stretching.

In the newspaper business, the way you look at things is critical. Finding those little details, or a new slant on how things may appear can make or certainly break a story. In our first training class, I’m learning the same holds true. We started by discussing in detail how different people communicate differently. Not only in speech patterns, but in non-verbal communication as well. This was my introduction to the portion of our certification training known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP training my sources. The first thing that really hit home was that somewhere between our study of Sensory-Specific Words and NLP Eye Accessing Cues, it became quite clear that what Bruce was teaching us in his class, I had been doing for years without knowing it! Now the guessing game is pretty much over. Not only do I now know what to look for with more certainty, but I have years of scientifically and experimentally proved data right in front of me to refer to. After just one hour of study, I could already use this systematic approach to better “read people” and make it easier for all concerned to “get the best out of them.” If only my editor was here for the ride! He might very well pay for the whole course, and then some.

We paired up for first-hand experience of these approaches straight away. I recall the Nurse Practitioner of the group sat next to a Cook, a Real Estate Agent with a Veterinarian, a Social Service Counselor of some sort and a Software Engineer, and then there was Theresa and myself. Theresa is a mother of three with two dogs, and apparently she can’t be hypnotized (mentioned twice with pride). Well, we’ll see. She talked in jest (?) during everyone’s brief introduction that even though she lives in Astoria, Oregon, one reason she is taking our hypnotherapy course in Portland is to hypnotize her husband of 35 years to help finish what he starts. “He’s a big dreamer,” she said “and I love him all the more for it, but I just wish he would stick to one thing at a time and finish it. I wouldn’t even care if it flopped, just so he would have some sense of finishing what he started. And I could feel a part of it, too.” Now that’s what I would call marriage counseling at its practical best.


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