January 25th

To reduce all anxiety and stress try the “First Response to Stress” exercise described below. This exercise is taught in the Professional Hypnotherapist Training & Advanced Hypnosis Courses. 1. Sit or lie down and close your eyes. 2. Put your right hand on your stomach and your left hand on your chest. 3. Imagine a blue balloon in your belly.… Read More »

My Third Weekend at NW Hypnosis Class

February 28th

This weekend’s class at The Northwest Hypnosis Institute, Bruce Terrill, our instructor and confidant, introduced Hypnotic Inductions. It was clear from the start that the class was ready. It seemed like we had become comfortable with each other and we were working well as a unit. Now we could actually start to see how hypnosis works by example. Part of… Read More »

Student Review: Learning About Anchors

February 28th

In our class at the Northwest Hypnosis Institute, we’ve learned that anchors are physical or mental triggers that link behaviors to feelings. These anchors can be anything from a song, to a smell, or even a person. People naturally use anchors or triggers everyday in life and don’t even realize it. It’s that song that reminds you of that someone… Read More »

Hypnosis School: Weekend #1 Review

February 28th

After years as an investigative journalist, where half the story is reading people and getting the best out of them, becoming a certified hypnotherapist might not be too much of a stretch. Well, after weekend one at The Portland Hypnosis Center, I’m here to report that so far it looks like it’s my perception that’s doing the stretching. In the… Read More »


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