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Transform your life, enjoy a professional practice helping others, and earn a six-figure income working 4-days a week. This unique course combines the very best of live interactive, teaching, demonstrations, discussion, question & answer sessions and lots of hands-on supervised practice sessions to give you all the knowledge, skills and experience you need to help others, augment your present profession, or start a new successful, high paying career.

* There is no homework, and all tests are open book.

(A)  7-WEEKENDS COURSE (Saturday, March 18, 2023 thru Sunday, April 30, 2023)
(B)  14-WEEKDAYS COURSE (Monday, April 3, 2023 thru Thursday, April 20, 2023)

Upon graduation, you will be awarded a diploma certifying you as a professional Consulting Hypnotist or Certified Hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists – America’s oldest, largest and most prestigious international hypnotism organization.



The Complete National Guild of Hypnotists Training and Certification Program

  • NGH Hypnotism Certification Training Manual 1
  • NGH Hypnosis Certification Training Manual 2
  • HYPNOmotivation Manual
  • Success for the New Consulting Hypnotist
  • Branding Your Business
  • Hypnotism Scripts Pack
  • Complete Master Marketing Course (with DVDs, CD and workbook)
  • Conversational hypnosis training
  • Neurolinguistic programming
  • “Video Demonstrations of NGH Scripts”
  • “Motivation For the New Hypnotist” by Richard Harte; Ph.D.
  • “Important Interviews with Renowned Consulting Hypnotists”
  • “From Scratch and on a Shoestring  - How Absolutely Anyone Can Build a Successful Practice”
  • “Getting Started in Business” – Three DVD Set
  • First Year of National Guild of Hypnotists Membership
  • Libros de texto en español disponibles

Course tuition: $1,995

(Includes all course materials, certification, and 1-year membership)
No previous education or hypnosis experience is required to take this course.
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"Teaching is an art. Sometimes attending a class or training offered by a master teacher can completely transform people. I had the privilege of having such an experience when I attended the Hypnotherapy class offered by Bruce Terrill on behalf of National Guild of Hypnotists in Milwaukie, OR during the winter of 2012 -2013. Bruce has the mastery of engaging each student in the subject, the training and builds up confidence to pursue hypnotherapy. There are not many classes where students look forward to coming and learning.

Classes are highly interactive and Bruce has the necessary depth of experience in the field to answer any type of question. The course covers a vast array of issues and their respective treatments. One can attend this course just to get his inspiring teaching. At the end of the course, there is a deep longing in all of us who attended the class for this course to go on forever. Such is the atmosphere in the class and the interaction between everyone. If anyone is serious about pursuing hypnotherapy to help heal others, I would highly recommend this course."

-Partha Rajagopal, Ph.D., St. Paul, MN

"This course with Bruce is fun-filled, fascinating, and not only was I able to relax and recharge in this course, but I learned how to take that with me and share it with others. Bruce provided an experience that compares with no other training I have had. He intuitively connected with each of the students in class, providing just what each of us needed, when we needed it, to break through our own blocks and allow the knowledge and learning to be absorbed. The five months zipped by as we worked our way through the entire syllabus, plus a lot of extras that Bruce threw in throughout the course. In the end I found myself saturated with knowledge and so much confidence in my ability to put my skills into practice. [...] I don’t know how he did it, but Bruce created an environment for learning that resulted in very strong connections between the students. The fellowship and support in this classroom was surreal and I believe that Bruce masterfully orchestrated the venue for it grow. [...] I thank Bruce Terrill for that and I would highly recommend Bruce and this course to anyone who wants a thorough hypnosis course. One word of warning though: Bruce will not let you be passive about learning. He will get in your head and stir you up when you least expect it, so plan to learn if you take this course! You are in for a quite ride and trust me — Bruce will make sure you succeed!"

-Patti Paris-Simpson, Hypnotherapist, Portland, OR

"Just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude with a testimonial. Bruce is amazing! He is the best kind of teacher– not only is he effective in teaching concepts and challenging ideas, but he also has the uncanny ability to inspire and empower students simply by being the person that he is. Thanks to Bruce, I became certified in hypnotherapy. But more importantly, I felt like I learned a lot about the nature of the human mind and how to experience lasting satisfaction and happiness in life. Life is all self-hypnosis, and Bruce helped us realize that we could be in the driver’s seat of life by putting into practice the art of hypnosis. For which, I feel immeasurable gratitude."

-Kieran McManus, Certified Hypnotherapist, Portland, OR

"Bruce is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had. He teaches his class and meets with clients with the utmost respect and integrity, always acutely aware of and responding to each individual’s needs in every moment. He creates a fun and relaxing environment in class; a place where I always looked forward to going to no matter how stressed out my life was. His class went way above and beyond what I expected and what was required by NGH. I am forever grateful to Bruce for providing such a rich experience and fertile ground for personal growth and for learning the skills needed for a successful hypnotherapy practice. After taking his class, I feel confident with what I learned to be able to help people make incredible changes in their lives and to continue making changes in my own life as well. Thank you Bruce!"

-Rose Ludwig, RN, Portland, OR